Where to Start?

Youth at wilderness treatment programs are forced to see the need to change. For example, when students are admitted to programs, they leave their personal possessions behind and are often required to carry their gear in a “survival pack.” They spread their tarp on the ground, roll their new survival belongings up in the tarp, tie it together with string, and use webbing to turn it into a backpack. There is definitely a science to this. Survival packs can actually be quite comfortable when rolled correctly. Every now and again, though, a student will come into the program unwilling to listen to the advice of more experienced students and staff.

New student packs often fall apart, hang down to their knees, and create considerable back and neck pain. Only when students see the tightly rolled packs of more experienced students do they willingly listen and make the change. This dynamic creates countless opportunities for staff to discuss with new students the need to change and listen to those who have been in the trenches before them.

Recreation is an excellent arena to help your family see the need for change. We recommend you get your children outside or even play a game inside, looking for opportunities to discuss the need to change strategies and habits. Discussing the need to change in a fun environment helps children and youth be more attentive and remember lessons longer. Browse through this website for more ideas on how to help your family see the need to change, and get ready for your next step. Your next step is to Move!

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