See the Need

Have you ever wanted to capture a monkey? We’ve heard how this can be done, though we’ve never tried it ourselves. First, cut a monkey hand sized hole in a box (this will change depending on the kind of monkey you want to catch). Second, put a nut in the box. Third, put this box somewhere monkeys are prevalent. When the monkey reaches into the box for that nut, he won’t be able to pull his fist back out of the now too small hole. Rather than letting go of the nut and escaping, he will hold onto the nut and risk being caught. He is so hungry for that nut he can’t see the danger looming over him.

We often get stuck in similar traps. So hungry for that nut, we often cannot see the danger looming over us. We all hold onto different nuts—one is often security. Change makes us uncomfortable, and it’s easier to do what we know we can do well than it is to make changes. Sometimes, only when we can clearly see the benefit of changing are we willing to let go of our nut and begin the adventure of change. What’s your nut? What’s your family’s nut?

Let us help you see the need for change. Top problems in American schools are suicide, assault, robbery, rape, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and pregnancy. A child growing up in America is more likely to be murdered than children in other countries. American children turn to violence to solve their problems, and parents grow increasingly distant from their children due to time and work restraints. This is the world our children will grow up in. Studies show parents are the most powerful tools in protecting children from harm and ensuring their happiness. Kids need parents—not another friend and not another boss—parents. Clearly, there is a need for change. The next step is to move. It starts with one—one individual, one family. Make it yours!

Start now!

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