Where to Start?

One of Sam’s very favorite games is called Screaming Viking. It involves a group of people standing in a circle and passing a Viking ship around via screams and silly physical actions. If you mess up on a scream or action, you’re out. Play continues until two people are left and a match of Man-Woman-Gorilla (a full body version of Paper-Rock-Scissors) determines the winner.

Surprisingly, Sam learned this game while working at a wilderness rehabilitation camp for at-risk youth—not exactly a game at-risk youth are dying to play. Time and time again, he would instruct groups to stand in a circle and teach them how to let loose and play this silly game. Almost always reluctant to do so, Sam’s enthusiasm would get his students going, and their newborn enthusiasm for the game would carry them through to the end of countless rounds.

Individuals and especially families are hard to motivate. We suggest one of the most powerful forms of motivation is your own enthusiasm for an activity or family change. How many times have you been carried through an unpleasant experience because one person’s enthusiasm created group momentum? You can be this person in your family. Being enthusiastic, even if you’re faking it, really helps motivate others to start moving. Please browse through this website for more ideas on how to get moving and what direction to move. Your next step is to Finish!

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