Move Forward

Elizabeth will never forget how it felt to come home from three months of humanitarian service abroad to a father whose health had deteriorated in her absence. She put her plans for graduate school on hold, instead living at home and helping her mom take care of her dad. Elizabeth’s dad is her hero. Life proffered him sucker punch after sucker punch, yet he never let it beat him. Rather than accept his circumstances and survive, he accepted his circumstances and did everything in his power to make them better. Four years, three life-threatening diagnoses and intensive treatment plans, countless prayers, and 17 surgeries/surgical procedures later, Elizabeth’s dad is doing better than he has in years. His push to move has made all the difference in his life and in hers.

Problems families face often remind Elizabeth of her dad’s fight with chronic illness. Life throws sucker punches—that’s a fact. It’s not easy to rear children in our society and in our world, where it’s so easy to lose our own way. It is possible, though! Like Elizabeth’s dad, we all need to remember to do everything in our power to make things better. We need to move. Remember it starts with one—one individual, one family. Congratulations on seeing the need for change in your family life! Now keep moving toward a finish!

Start now!

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