Where to Start?

Grandma’s personalized and immediate feedback carried Carol through the finish line and on to her next afghan. This is key in understanding how to finish and help your family to finish. You can be swimming in a pool of good intent and knowhow, but unless you have a cheering section, you aren’t likely to move your change to a solid finish.

Proximal support, or support that is nearby, is essential in positive change. People of all ages need somebody by their side offering loving feedback through change. This support person could be anybody who has a positive influence in your life or your family’s life (spouse, family, child, sibling, friend, church leader, school teacher, etc.), but the best support is you! As you and your family offer proximal support to each other through the change process, your likelihood of making a successful change will multiply. Remember it starts with one—make it you! Make it your family.

Now that you’ve mastered this model of change, your next step is to intentionally create change designed to strengthen your family. Please browse through this website for more ideas on what changes to make in your family.

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