Carol loves to crochet! Initially she got into it because she felt it was a dying art. Her grandma crocheted, and Carol didn’t want it to die with her, so she asked her grandma to teach her how to crochet. Carol fell in love from day one and never stopped. Whenever she came across a difficult pattern or stitch she didn’t quite understand, Grandma was always there to help her figure it out. Eventually Carol came across a stitch even Grandma couldn’t help her with: the pineapple stitch. Carol was determined to figure it out. She stitched, unstitched, and stitched again for close to a month before she finally mastered it, but master it she did. Carol will never forget how great it felt to show Grandma her handiwork and receive personalized and immediate praise from her. Her love and support strengthened Carol’s belief in her ability to crochet well and work through difficult problems. Grandma passed away almost a year ago, but Carol continues to crochet and teach others this dying art. It did not die with Grandma. Without Grandma’s schooling, though, Carol likely would have quit—that was her established pattern.

When things got hard, Carol quit. There were plenty of things she was good at, and she didn’t care to do something she was bad at. Carol still has unfinished projects that just got too hard for her. Carol knows how great it feels to finish, but sometimes she just can’t motivate herself to do it. It’s hard! We cannot help you finish—only you and your family can finish. We do have some ideas about how you can carry your changes through to the end, though.

Start now!

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