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We (Camilla Hodge, Kim Molyneux, Courtney Gosling, Shaun Nua, and Taralyn Clark) are 2nd year graduate students studying Youth and Family Recreation at Brigham Young University. Together we have worked just over 24 years with children, youth, and families in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, England, Samoa, Argentina, China, and Ecuador. Most of us are bilingual, speaking Spanish, Samoan, and Mandarin Chinese.

Our work with children, youth, and families has been conducted in individual, small, and large group settings. Our duties have included both paid and volunteer work doing childcare, coaching sports, creating and implementing activities, program development, staff training, staff hiring, running programs, teaching outdoor survival skills, teaching values, serving as a mentor, teaching therapeutic group sessions, implementation and translation of family therapy sessions, treatment planning, and administrative duties. More specifically, we have worked 10 years and 6 months with children, youth, and families in recreational settings including day cares, orphanages, day camps, summer camps, fairs, sport programs, and family festivals; 2 years with children with disabilities in orphanages and therapeutic settings; 8 years and 7 months with at-risk children, youth, and families (in residential and nonresidential settings) struggling with problems such as behavioral disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, gang involvement, depression, anger, all forms of abuse, and communication.

Additionally, we have attended multiple academic conferences focusing on youth and family recreation, and are currently conducting research in this area. We are conducting research with international families from five English-speaking countries, families with a parent suffering from chronic illness, and college-age individuals about family functioning, family relationships, and peer followership. Our research interests include family relationships and processes, the role leisure plays in family relationships, family time and media consumption, low-income family dynamics, youth in sports camps, and identity development and fatherhood.

We created this website as a class project synthesizing what we’ve learned in life and in our studies, with the hope of it being an ongoing project for future graduate students studying Youth and Family Recreation at BYU.

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